Jude is…

The product of Scandinavian¬†immigrants to wheat-farming country and “Heinz 57”, as my mother would say about her side of the family (and not without a healthy dose of Chokta). Thus, surprise should be refrained as I admit that I know Odin is the one who rides Sleipnir, not Freyr. My bad.

Let’s chalk it up to the Cowichan Sweater, Dia de Los Muertos/Sugar Skull socks, and ‘Doves with snowflakes’-sweatpants ensemble I’m wearing indoors because it’s December and I already ran the heater for 2 hours. How do you afford your Rock’n’Roll lifestyle? I have always been at least as privileged as I am currently, affording it comes easily to me, and I have many tools at hand.

The subjectivity of a squander always encourages evaluation, and to satiate I have decided to evaluate the primary product I am proficient in producing: a story. Subsequent to the advent of Khan Academy and MIT OpenCourseWare, I find myself on Udemi.com learning HTML5 with ds106.us in the next tab.

Jude is a great many things, but let’s see what Jude does.¬†I didn’t want to pay for a design degree, so let’s see if I can make a go of it on my own.